Cash on Delivery and Online Payment -Terms and Conditions

We believe that being new to you, you may find it difficult to trust us completely and paying full in advance will be altogether ,not comfortable to you.

In same way, market is full of impulsive buyers , who place Cash on Delivery orders, for name sake, and then cancel it. Loss comes to the company
We found a easy way to it. and Rs. 100 as booking charge, which will be adjusted with final value of the order, once it reaches to you. Rs. 60 will be additional COD charge

For example, if you book a necklace worth Rs. 2000 now , on cash on delivery basis, then Rs. 60 will be extra COD charge, and Rs. 100 will be booking amount. Means Rs. 100 is payable now, rest Rs. 2000 +COD charge – Booking charge (Rs. 100) = Rs. 1900 and Rs. 60 as COD charge is payable at time of Delivery
If you pay entire amount in advance, that is prepaid orders, then we will provide upto 10% additional off on already discounted prices , which will be credited in 24 hours , after you receive the product.
We expect and is assured that being a practical person you will welcome this method ,and we really hope for best orders from your side.