Cash on Delivery Terms and Conditions

Cash on Delivery :

Culturenyou supports Cash on Delivery services ,what is popularly known as COD.

We understand your concern regarding the fraudulence , and support your step towards covering it.

Majority of products on our store encourages COD facility.


Like buyers, these days sellers also face loads of losses due to false buyers , and insincere buyers and sending COD involves a cost and if it gets return without payment, than also it causes a good amount to us in terms of courier charges.


In Culturenyou, we process COD in the following way:

You come to the store ,liked the product, selected it and booked for COD

Our Order processing executive ,will call you and confirm with you regarding the order

Then you will be required to pay Rs.100 plus 20% of order value at the time of booking the order.

Rest 80% you require to pay on delivery

For example: if you book a watch of Rs. 1500 as COD order, then, Rs. 100 + 20% of 1500 you are required to pay upfront, 80% of Rs. 1500 you are required to pay at the time of delivery of your order

**in this way , you and we will be mutually secured regarding money and order.


To bring under your kind consideration again:

If you pay entire amount in full , at the time of purchase, you can get upto 15% cash back and you will enjoy free shipping


To understand more you can Whatsapp or call on 7773000215